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  • George Stacey and the Creation of American Chic

    George Stacey and the Creation of American Chic

    The history of interior design is punctuated by a few legends-Billy Baldwin, Sister Parish-and should include trailblazing decorator George Stacey. When George Stacey shot to prominence in the 1930s with projects for socialite Frances Cheney and style priestess Diana Vreeland, the audacity of his work caught the eye of Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Town and Country, and House & Garden. An appealing nonchalance and irreverence, combined with erudition, a flair for color, and an innate grasp of balance,...

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  • Kendoku: The Next Logical Step

    Kendoku: The Next Logical Step

    The puzzles, either 6 x 6 or 9 x 9, look like Killer Sudoku games, but in addition to numbers, players also contend with math operators (+ - × ÷) within “fences” on the puzzle. Players reach the total at the top left of the fenced area by using the operator on all the numbers within it. Although the solution is a valid Sudoku solution, Kendoku numbers are allowed to be repeated within a fenced area as long as the result doesn't break the rules for a valid Sudoku....

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  • Essential PTC® Mathcad Prime® 3.0: A Guide for New and Current Users

    Essential PTC® Mathcad Prime® 3.0: A Guide for New and Current Users

    Learn how to use PTC® Mathcad Prime® 3.0, one of the world’s leading tools for technical computing, in the context of engineering, science, and math applications. Quickly harness the power of PTC Mathcad Prime 3.0 to solve both simple and complex problems. Essential PTC® Mathcad Prime® 3.0 is perfect for college students, first-time users, and experienced Mathcad 15 users who are moving to PTC Mathcad Prime 3.0. Updated from Maxfield’s popular Essential Mathcad, this book introduces the ...

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  • More Life-Size Zoo: An All-New Actual-Size Animal Encyclopedia

    More Life-Size Zoo: An All-New Actual-Size Animal Encyclopedia

    The actual-size animal photography phenomenon continues with stunning portraits of 20 all-new zoo favorites in More Life-Size Zoo. Whether getting eye-to-eye with a hippopotamus or nose-to-nose with a bison, there's not a zoo in the world where readers can get as close to the animals as they do in this fascinating book. With fun, informative facts complementing the stunning life-size photographs of each animal, More Life-Size Zoo gets readers within arm's length to an orangutan, a baby gibbon, a...

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  • AlphaPets


    In this ingenious activity book, without scissors, glue, or past origami experience, readers can turn every letter, from A to Z, into an animal that begins with that letter! A perfect rainy-day activity for parents and kids to do together, the instructions for AlphaPets are clear and simple enough that children ages six and up can assemble them on their own, but the designs are so fun and fresh that adults will also want in on the fun....

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  • Ways of Living and Dying

    Ways of Living and Dying

    Ways of Living and Dying is the best book of this month...

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  • One-Footer


    Book by Klemon, Jay...

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  • Chasing the 48! (Hiking In NH Book 1)

    Chasing the 48! (Hiking In NH Book 1)

    It all started in the early fall of 2013 after my completion of a sail boat project. So what does a sailboat have to do with mountain climbing? Let me explain. When the boat was finally finished I hired a friend of mine to haul it to the water where I was recently granted access to a boat mooring located in the bay about an hours drive away from my house. However, once on the water, I had a problem with the outboard getting to the boat mooring that was over a mile away. Of all things the outboa...

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  • 100 Shapes

    100 Shapes

    Starting by introducing the reader to drawing with stencils, and ending by helping the reader make a stencil of his or her own hand, 100 Shapes is the ultimate drawing book that readers of any level of artistic ability will enjoy. With ten pages of shapes of absolute diversity and remarkable clarity and complexity, the 100 shapes of 100 Shapes will give readers hours of enjoyment....

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  • Picture This

    Picture This

    Whether designing their own line of sunglasses or creating the book jackets for an imaginary pirate adventure novel or romance novel, there's no limit to the creative challenges Picture This presents to young readers. They can create their own superheroes, help potatoes escape from becoming dinner, design hats straight on the heads of models, supervise the wedding of a carrot to an eggplant, or dress a scallion and an endive — the only thing missing are the answers only the imagination can pro...

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